Health Communicator since 2003.
Non-practicing Dentist and Behavioral Sciences specialist. PhD in Sociology
and MA in Psychotherapy, focusing on changing health-related behaviors.
Coordinator of community-based health prevention programs.

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Current position  ■  Coordinator, Professional Marketing Department, Colgate-Palmolive Romania


Building and leveraging partnerships with associations and influencers to implement Public Health Programs like Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures and to develop educational events for dental students (lectures, workshops and digital courses). Managing a team of three Oral Health Liaison Specialists.


Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures® is among the most far-reaching, successful children’s oral health initiatives in the world. In 25 years, through partnership with Romanian Red Cross, Dentists and Dental Students, Programul Scolar Colgate has reached more than 6 million Romanian children and their families with oral health education.


Colgate Talks is the European website for dental practitioners. The users can access news, articles, and participate in webinars from different European countries and in the#ColgateTALKS anual e-Conference. The site has downloadable educational materials for patients (articles, leaflets, short movies) in local languages.